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What is stem cell research?

Research with embryonic stem cells is a controversial issue. However, the advantages of research with stem cells of this type are numerous.

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Benefit of research with embryonic stem cells

Posted on January 20, 2018
Category: Stem cell

The main advantage of research with embryonic stem cells is that they can be manipulated so that they grow into any cell in the human body. Unlike adult stem cells, embryonic cells contain the genetic information for each type of cell. This means that scientists can use them in any cell to grow nerves, blood, tissues or other cells. The advantage of this is that scientists can see how and why a particular cell develops. This helps them understand the differences between different cells and their full function in development and growth.

Potential of stem cells

By understanding the development of embryonic cells with stem cells, doctors and scientists will be able to avoid many congenital disabilities. The different forms of defects occur at different stages of development in the uterus. Studies on embryonic stem cells will allow them to find the exact point at which certain cells mutate and a congenital disability is formed. That is why research with stem cells is important.

In theory, you can prevent this from happening, either by stimulating or blocking certain enzymes in the uterus. Approximately a small percent of babies are born with congenital disabilities. Scientists believe that at least 1% of these defects can be limited by research with embryonic stem cells.

Benefits of the research

Because embryos are kept in a virtually long period of early development, they are ideal candidates for testing medications and medical tests. The embryos are kept alive without being implanted in a womb, so these embryonic cells never actually full human persons. But since these stem cells are kept alive throughout the whole process, these cells can be studied to see what certain diseases have effects on the human body. These kinds of diseases can include Alzheimer’s, cancer, genetic defects, and a whole lot more. There is simply a huge potential that can be tapped thanks to stemming cell research.

Stem cell research can also reduce animal testing as well. More than several million animals every year are maimed due to medical research. And this is a huge problem since most of the time; medical research on animals does not yield any useful data. However, stem cell research on embryonic cells can help reduce that number because certain medical tests would no longer have to be conducted on animals.

Importance of stem cell research

The first trials with embryonic stem cells have been shown to be beneficial in the understanding of the aging process. Beyond research on human development, scientists can identify the specific enzymes that cause the aging process to occur. Certain proteins are created in the cells that humans produce at a certain age. These enzymes can be blocked or eliminated to allow a slower aging process. There is even the possibility that the entire aging process itself could be stopped. This means more time and more productive life for many people. Every year, thousands of people suffer injuries due to the aging of the body or because the organs fail or are damaged.


One of the greatest advantages of research with embryonic stem cells are the possibilities associated with cloning. Embryonic stem cells are ideal candidates for reproduction. They contain information about all the cells in the body and can be manipulated in almost any imaginable way. Scientists believe they can grow limbs and organs that could be transplanted to humans. Also, as they would grow from the DNA of the same person, it would make the transplant process more efficient, and the probability of success would grow. The research also shows that embryonic stem cells can regenerate; opening the possibility that an organ or tissue that is already in a human body could grow back.

Stem cell research is one of the most important advances of our time. With research stem cells could benefit from research on many diseases.

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